3 Reasons Being a Video Production Virgin Rules (Yes, they exist…)


video production virgin benefits

Let’s be real here, being a VPV isn’t glamorous. After all, who wants to admit that their profession isn’t actually earning them a living? But mark my words, being a VPV has it’s benefits.

First things first, let’s check if you’re really a virgin before we tell you about the untapped awesomeness of video production virginity.

  • Do you not make enough money from video production ALONE to live (not with your parents)?
  • Do you rely on other jobs for your primary income?
  • Do you scour Craiglist for your next video gig?
  • Are you graduating from film school with a thesis and not a reel?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, congratulations…you’re a video production virgin! By our statistics, you’re most likely a bearded, flannel-clad 20-something year old VPV who’s struggling to find the answers to actually running a production company that’s more than just a one-man-band operating out of your mom’s basement.

We have answers! And the best part? Being a video production virgin gives you an edge on veteran filmmakers and producers. Here’s why:

You have Boundless Energy

Being a VPV means you’re young and full of energy.  Your energy is unmatched by older video production professionals, and if you don’t exploit that fact, then you’re a damn fool. Time is a viscous beast – you WILL get older and lose steam. Take advantage of your energy and throw yourself into the fire now, life will be easier when your joints start to ache.


Sure – maybe the veteran with 15 years of production experience will look better on paper, but will they be able to relentlessly pound the pavement and work at your pace? Probably not. As they say, you’re only young once. Sell that shit, and deliver on it.

No Kids & No Commitments = More Time for Video Production

If you’re a VPV, chances are you have minimal commitments outside of your work life…which means you have exponentially more time to work on selling and producing videos for clients than the unfortunate souls with little humans running around.

While older video professionals are off watching their kids play the world’s most dysfunctional game of soccer, you should be using this free time proactively reaching out to leads, putting together reel-worthy pieces and building up a business.

You’re still Excited About Life

God, this post is starting to get a bit grim, isn’t it? In all honesty, life should always be exciting, but when you’re tied to certain obligations (*cough* kids *cough*), your excitement shifts from “Wow, this project is a great opportunity for more business” to “Wow, these Costco prices for juice boxes are just unreal.”

excited-jim-carreyAs a VPV you’re still super jazzed about throwing yourself into your video production company, having the opportunity to try out new techniques and equipment for projects and creating a business that’s in high demand. Everything about running a production company is fresh and new, scary as hell, but incredibly exciting. Use your passion and excitement as a tool to push your production house to the next level, before other life priorities suck the fun out of it!

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