Make $1k in 5 Hours on Your Next Video Project

Everyday in cities across the world, video productions virgins (VPVs) are working 12-hour production days for a mediocre day rate. Regardless of how awesome your footage and end product are, if your wallet is chafing from being empty, it can make for a super sad career in video production.

help me im poor gif

So I ask all of you VPVs… Are you looking to make more money? (YES!)  Are you looking to have time to fulfill other projects? (duh.) Are you open to trying something new? (you better be.)

I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret video production vet Edan Cohen at Spirit Animal shared with me. You can make $1k from your video services in just 5 hours of work.

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s too good to be true!” “It’s impossible!” “She’s lost her damn mind!” “Where did my pants go?!”

Read on virgins, read on.

The $1k Video Package

$1k video package

When you’re starting a production company, packaging your services at the right rate is the key to making lots n’ lots of cash money. Packages are repeatable, attractive and easy for clients to digest and agree to. 

Put together a new package for your standard 1-2 minute corporate video and slap a $1k price-tag on it. Now follow the next steps and you’re on your way to stackin’ billz.

Spend 2 hours shooting.

That’s right, two hours. No more, no less. Especially no more. Really. No more than 2 hours of footage.

Rather than spending a full day shooting hours of b-roll footage that never makes it into the final cut, spending just two hours behind the camera allows you to cut out the bullshit and be very precise in how you assemble the story for your client. Most of the time will be spent getting your talking head shots.

Spend your extra time getting b-roll footage that compliments the dialogue from the interview shots. Remember, you only have 2 hours to get everything you need.

You probably wont have extra time to setup lights and equipment.  Take it back to your guerrilla filmmaking days and get creative. Use natural light, work with what you have…you get it.

PRO TIP: Come prepared with interview questions that lend to content you can work with.

Spend 2 hours editing.

Since you’ve only spent 2 hours shooting exactly what you need, you won’t be wading through hours of b-roll that never make the cut. Editing in two hours may be difficult at first, but will become manageable once you’ve figured out the typical format you’re videos will follow.

How can you cut down editing time? When you’re shooting, dedicate someone (maybe it’s yourself) to noting which takes are garbage and which are video gold. In the editing room, saving 10 minutes knowing which footage you’ll be using allows you to spend more time cutting things up in a more creative way.

Not a speedy editor? Consider contracting out. Use your buddy from college who’s an editing wizard, or find professionals through Thumbtack or Upwork.

PRO TIP: Note good takes and bad ones to speed up shot selection in the editing room.

Spend 1 hour with revisions and polishing.

Save yourself an hour to go back and make any tweaks as requested by the client. Don’t spend hours and hours making revisions or talking over changes with your client. The whole idea of this package is to keep it simple, timely and profitable. Use these types of projects to practice managing client expectations.

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