The One Thing You Need to Know About Video Production That Nobody Tells You

You’re not an artist, you’re a business owner.

Fact: 93.75% of video production virgins (VPVs) are never told this simple, yet crucial tip. Okay, maybe that’s not a proven statistic, but it’s definitely the most common misconception we see in VPVs young and old. People seem to avoid talking about this.


It’s not some huge, top-secret piece of classified information. But for some reason, everyone is tight-lipped about this major fact. Well virgins, we’re done with all the beating around the bush and hush-hush going on. 

Time and time again, we witness eager VPVs jumping into a career in video production with the goal to produce art. And we get it, producing artful pieces is part of the territory. But what we most often find is a mindset that solely focuses on creating awesome looking shit, not business. This is something all video peeps must decide…

Are you looking to make art or make a living?

Either are perfectly acceptable, and there are clear paths for each. But if you want to make a living with your video production company, you have to accept that not all videos are going to be amazing pieces of work. Yes, some will be beautiful stories crafted with stylish shots and cuts, and those will be the fun ones. But many (and in often cases, most) will be cut and dry interviews in a corporate setting – because that’s what the client needs.

at-money-memeWe’re not here to sugar coat things and teach you how to create beautiful, moving award winning pieces.

We’re here to help you make money. To turn you into a confident salesperson for your own company – A company that has a vision people respect and trust for quality, effective video production.  

Before embarking on the journey of launching a production company, spend time to familiarize yourself with the legalities of running a business. Consult other small business owners to get the scoop on the logistics of actually carrying out business. They may help to point out ways to save on costs like overhead (Do you really need an office or studio space? Will your garage suffice?).

Know that you won’t be working your traditional 9-5. You’re going to be putting a lot of time into making things work, selling new biz, coordinating projects and constantly searching for the next opportunity to make money.

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