6 Video Stats that will Sell your Video Services for You

Virgins, it’s time to sell.

I know what you’re thinking, “I’m just not experienced enough to sell myself!”

Well lucky for you, the stats are out, and video is practically selling itself nowadays. Do a simple Google search of “video statistics” and you’ll find 1 billion blog posts telling you about video usage and performance highlighting why video is the new black in business.

Rather than just regurgitate video stats to you like a mama bird to her hatchlings, I’ve picked out the juiciest ones that can actually be used in your next sales pitch and some pointers on how to use these data points to have clients signing their lives away.

7 out 10 Millennials are likely to watch a company video when shopping online (animoto.com)

Use the word millennial and have marketing folks drooling. Yes, millennial is a buzzword. Yes, millennials hate being called millennials. BUT, millennials are what make the world go round. They’re young and eager to spend money on new, trendy shit because they have no kids to spend it on. They also have a bad case of oversharing their spending habits with their 10,000 Facebook friends, Instagram followers and Twitter stalkers using those goddamn hashtags (#bringbackthepoundsign).

See where I’m going with this?


With 70% of these young and dumb consumers likely to watch a company’s video while shopping online, why not cater to these kids? We live in a land where 20 somethings are spending hours in front of a screen, and are too lazy to read (I can say this because I am millennial). Millennials expect video wherever they travel online, and will bounce to your competitors site when they don’t see it.

79% of all global consumer Internet traffic will come from video by 2018 (Cisco)

Selling for the future is something that clients appreciate. Many are stuck in the now – “What are my competitors doing? What does their website look like? How many Twitter followers do they have?”

The trick with selling is to make them feel like you’re looking out for their best interest. Projections are obviously assumptions based on current use, but use them to help clients see that video is only growing in demand, and if they’re the last to adapt then they aren’t really competitive.

Bring them back to their elementary school days of peer pressure. Everyone else is doing it. 

All peer pressure aside, just position it something like this:
“As a leader in your space, do you really want to be the last one to provide video to your audience’s online experience?”

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment (Syndacast)

cat money
Unlike this furry creature, clients may be willing to spend money on video if they can see the potential for a high return.

This one sells itself. Money.

The number one pushback for video is the cost, hands down. It ain’t cheap to make your toilet bowl cleaner look pretty on-screen. Luckily, you have this stat to show that the majority of marketers surveyed in 2015 found video to be the most cost-effective.

Pry a bit into their marketing spending habits. Maybe they can find some budget to play with?

Advertising via pay-per-click (Google and Bing PPC) are expensive and known in the field to be a very low contributor to ROI. Social advertising is losing steam. Everyone is tired of seeing ads on their Facebook timeline. Paid online distributions of content are costly, and losing weight in the SEO game.

If you can point out where your clients are spending money that won’t bring in sales like video can, you may have yourself a deal.

4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.  (Animoto)

We’re all guilty of it. Why read  when you can sit back and watch a video that explains how a product works and why you need it? No surprise here, video is more engaging than lines of text.

In my digital marketing days, I used to work on an account that sold linear robotics. I know robots sound cool (beep beep boop). Really it was just a bunch of technological mumbo jumbo and nobody wanted to read about how they functioned… because it was confusing as hell. Unless you were an engineer, you would never understand how the hell these robots worked and why you might actually ever need them.

That’s why they started including videos on their site and social media channels. And pretty soon, they were getting emails asking how to order their robots they saw on Youtube. Years of blog content proved to be useless. But these damn robot videos had people calling and emailing – because why read when you can see how a product works in real life?

50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video, according to Forbes.

Show me the video, I’ll show you the cash

This may not be a huge selling stat to all your prospective customers, but if you’re dealing with people who are looking for investors or big clients, this may be worth pulling out of your back pocket.

Executives are the big boys, and if you want them prying into your product or services, better have a video. Simple as that. If your prospective client wants to compete and attract customers, they’re going to eventually need video. So why not today?

Using the word “Video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26% (Syndacast)

If you have 1,379 unopened emails in your inbox like me, then you know just how much businesses rely on email for their marketing. Anytime you fill out a form for some free PDF or buy a new pair of shoes online, you’re instantly subscribed to get a bunch of shitty promo emails that you’re eventually going to just ignore or angrily unsubscribe from (while cursing them and mentally threatening to burn their building down if they keep sending you shit).

Note: If you want more articles like this you can subscribe to our blog (I promise – we’re not those assholes…we only send you blog updates and stuff you want to know)

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their email open rates and avoid losing possible customers to the dreaded unsubscribe. Well huzzah! Tote video content and people will be less inclined to throw up the dueces to your email list.


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