5 Video Stats that Seriously Matter in 2017

Why 2017 is the year of video for small businesses.

If you’re starting a production company, you’ve got quite the year ahead of you.

Video is kicking ass and taking names moving into 2017. Brands need great videos, now more than ever. Your Facebook feed is filled with a billion cooking videos shared by your aunt (seriously people, the food never actually comes out looking that way…I learned the hard way). Your favorite bloggers are posting artsy, hipstery timelapse videos of their recent indigo dyeing session. Your favorite clothing brand has some super sexy, super slo-mo video of hot chicks dancing pantless in an overpriced t-shirt on their website. Video is everywhere…and it’s not going away.

That’s because video is innately attractive – visually having information delivered to us is makes it easier to comprehend because we’re too lazy to read. And just as a moth is drawn to a flame, so are we to moving pieces on a screen.

Still, not everyone gets it. So we’ve hand-picked the stats we think will help them get it. So if you’re selling video, pay attention – these are things that are REALLY important to sell to your clients.

8 billion video views are happening on Facebook…every single day.

Why it matters:

facebook-video-loveThe largest and most active social network in the world loves watching video.

Facebook is turning out to to be one of the largest user-curated library of videos. With 1.1 billion monthly users, Facebook is a free platform where you can post a video that is visible to the world’s biggest and most active online network to date. That’s engagement with audiences you don’t have to pay for. And you can be sure your competitors are jumping on the Facebook video train.

As much as it may seem like all the video content on Facebook are those damned cooking videos, it’s not the case. In 2016, Facebook turned into a MASSIVE library of videos of all types – user created, high production explainer videos, interactive 360 videos, news videos…you name it, it’s all available at the scroll of your fingertips.

Stat from – Invisia

Social videos are shared 1,200% more than photos and text posts…combined.

Why it matters:

giphy-7Video is the clear dominant player in social content.

Combine the fact that video content is shared astronomically more than any other content and Facebook is quickly becoming the social go-to for sharing, it’s clear that video created specifically for social media audiences is a real thing.

With these two stats alone, you can expect smaller businesses (who often haven’t yet forked out the cash for video) to invest in video in 2017. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are free, and an affordable channel for small companies to manage and share content.

Stat from – Adelie Studios

1/4 of Consumers lose interest in a company if their site doesn’t have a video.

giphy (8).gifWhy it matters:

More and more consumers are relying heavily on video for information.

Maybe people are getting lazy, maybe they just want an excuse to sit back and watch videos. Whatever the case, if a quarter of visitors to a site are instantly going to check out, companies without videos are in deep shit.

So again, expect to see smaller businesses who maybe haven’t had it in their budget in recent years to invest in short videos that they can place on their website.

Stat from – Animoto

60% of people stop watching a video after 2 minutes.

Why it matters:

giphy-9Videos that are concise, informative and done right are in demand.

Short videos can result in smaller budgets, allowing smaller businesses to finally jump on the video train.

Viewers get bored easily. They don’t want 10 minute videos talking about the intricate details of a company. They want to know what you do, how you do it and how much it costs…all within 120 seconds.

Stat from – Invisia

Video ads have the highest click thru rate of all digital ad formats

Why it matters:

Companies looking to invest in digital ads in 2017 will need new video content for the highest ROI.

giphy-10Let’s be real here, nobody likes spending money where they don’t have to.

Businesses will always look to invest money into areas where they are likely to get the highest return. Compared to text ads and display ads that have always had questionable return, stats are showing that video ads have had the most success getting people to actually clickthrough to an advertised page.

Stat from – Business Insider

In conclusion…

Video is, and will continue to be a huge driving force for marketing for businesses of all sizes. You can expect more and more small businesses looking to incorporate video into their marketing – which poses a great opportunity for production companies to provide kick-ass content to a whole new audience of buyers.

2016 saw major growth in social video usage, bringing to light the value in having video content on hand. So sell, sell, sell virgins. 2017 is the year you get that production company out into the real world, and out of your parents’ basement.

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