The Best Video Client to Win in 2017

Here’s the best video client you can snag this year, and how to actually win their business.

Alright virgins, it’s time to go preppers on this bitch and plan. No no, I’m not talking about Trump destroying the world (political talk is banned here people!). I’m talking about your plan for booking clients this year.

By now, you should have read about our top 5 video stats that matter in 2017. If you haven’t, shame on you. Go read it.

From these epic stats, we gained a few things about engagement with video and it’s power as a marketing tool. So what does that mean for production companies this year?

Well virgins, there’s a new client in town.

B2B companies are ready to fork out cash for video.

And likely a lot of it.

Everyone wants to make kick-ass videos for sexy retailers, big brands, rock stars…blah blah blah.

video production pro tipWell, you’re here because you want to make money and stop mooching of mom and dad. Drop the dream of holding out for something magical, swallow your pride and actually land jobs that pay…and pay well.

For years, business to business companies in manufacturing, medical, finance (and all those other boring industries you never wanted to work in…) have been holding out on producing video because of the unclear return on their money.

Now, it’s time. They’re finally getting that if they don’t spend the dough on video, they’re going to fall behind to competitors who aren’t afraid to invest in video.

Why are B2B companies the the best video clients to nab this year?

They’ve been holding out for so long and they are DEEPLY in need of video content…meaning more than just your simple 2 minute “About Us” company video.

They’ll need product and service videos, social videos and the whole gamut. What does this mean for you? An opportunity for retained business.

How do you score a B2B video client?

Jump on this opportunity and reach out to the marketing director. Mention you notice there is a lack of good video content, and you know you can help them. Use some stats to back up your points. Ask them what their pain points are.

Here’s a pro tip for you virgins:

Clients want to be told what they need.

Before you start bitching about being a virgin and not knowing anything…stop and think.

You’re young. You’re cool. You’ve literally grown up making content and spreading it all over the internet it like an unfortunate STD spreads through a college town. Own your shit.

Take the time to think about what this video means to the client. How can they distribute it? How can they use it as a marketing or sales tool? Think about these things for them and you’ll blow their mind.

Walk into the pitch and own it, like this guy.

Once you’re ready to pitch, walk in the room and own it. If you’re the youngest person in the room, you’re halfway there. They want someone cool, that’s why you’re there.

Maybe their budget is low and they’re shocked. Don’t budge. Explain that these are the costs, you’re the expert, and the return will be clear.

You may walk out of the pitch feeling uncertain. They didn’t like the price. Don’t fret…if you’ve totally owned the room and blown their mind…90% of the time you’ll hear a call back from them inquiring about how you can work on a project together. Maybe it’s smaller and a lower investment.

Remember, it’s taken them this long to pull the trigger on doing video. They need to get their feet wet and test the waters.

Don’t overwhelm them by being greedy and trying to sell a video for every single page of their website or social media profiles. Take the time to create this connection, win a job, and most importantly – execute it right.

Don’t be an ass and deliver final videos late, be unresponsive to emails or call. You have one shot to show them you’re going to be the guy who they can rely on for dope video.

Kick ass on this first project and deliver results for them, and they’ll be asking you what you can do for them next. Maybe it’s social video content. Maybe its product videos. Maybe it’s webinars. The opportunities are literally endless if you do it right.

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