8 Interview Questions that Set You Up for Video Gold

Build your reel with strong, professional videos crafted around great interviews.

Our friends over at Spirit Animal just released a new (free!) Guide to Making Great Video for Under $150, and damn is it worth checking out. It’s packed with checklists and other basics you might want to check out. They were nice enough to let us borrow some takeaways we thought were uber important for you VPVs to know for building your reel up with video that doesn’t suck.

The biggest takeaway? Nailing an interview with a client is the difference between a reel-worthy brand video and a total dud. A strong interview with your client will not only define the tone of the video (think music, effects, etc.), it will LITERALLY provide the framework for all of your b-roll footage.

Here’s the deal: simple brand videos are great for building up a reel as you get started out.  But they need to be short, concise and effective – and can easily turn into a mess if you aren’t asking the right questions.

So what should you be asking? According to our pals at Spirit Animal, here are the 8 interview questions you should be asking to set you up for video gold:

1. Introduction Qs

Otherwise known as “What’s your name?” “What’s your business name?”. Simple, yes. But you’ve got to start somewhere right?

2. What do you do?

Clients should be describe what their business does in 2 sentences, max. Remember, we want to keep this short and sweet to be a good video. Have your clients think hard about how they want to position their services.

3. What is your mission statement?

This one shouldn’t be hard for them to answer, and is really important for making sure their video includes the core values of their business – a huge influencer of the messaging for a brand video.

4. How long have you been in business?

This question allows viewers to get a sense for the history of the business, and allows businesses who’ve been around the block a time or two to strut their stuff a bit and gain trust amongst new audiences.

5. What separates you from competitors?

People want to know why they should choose one company over another. You’re doing a disservice to a client if you miss this question. Maybe they’re the only providers of a rare lotion that competitors don’t carry. Maybe they offer a money-back guarantee on their phone-screen replacements. Whatever it is, this is their opportunity to show off the benefits of their service or products and prove why their business is the best choice amongst local competitors.

6. What’s your approach to customer service?

Everyone hates shitty service, so let your client brag about how they care about their customers.

7. What makes your business unique?

Maybe your client has a lizard that greets customers. Maybe they decorate their shop like the inside of a taco. Every store or service provider has something unique to offer. Do your best to pull it out of them, and be sure to get footage of it.

8. What is a nice closing statement about your business?

Every video needs a closer. If you don’t get this, you’ll be forced to create a final closing thought from the limited content you have. Save yourself the hassle and set yourself for a nice, closing thought.

Well there you have it virgins, the 8 things you need to be asking your clients to create a reel-worthy brand video.

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