5 Top Video Production Blogs You Should Be Following

Staying up on the latest and greatest in production, gear and video best practices.

What a time to be alive, virgins. You are running a production company in a day and age where every single question you may have about production, gear, running a business, vitamin D deficiency symptoms or the height of Kevin Hart (he’s only 5′ 4″…poor guy) can be answered with a simple Google search. The sheer amount of useful, free information at your fingertips gives you a leg up on every guy who started a production company 30 years ago.

To grow your business, get new gigs and keep delivering better and better work, you MUST CONTINUE LEARNING. Even my bosses, with years of experience and award-winning work send me links to articles and tutorials they find interesting. The day you stop learning is the day your company starts making its way down the grand porcelain throne.

Here are 5 of my go-to blogs that keep me informed and excited about what’s going on in the production world.

PremiumBeat – The Beat

premiumbeatPremiumBeat is a great all-around source for production tips, tutorials and gear review. They have a slew of authors and contributors that know their stuff. It’s easy to navigate and search for topics you’re looking for. And as an editor, I appreciate that a lot of the content is geared towards tutorials and tips that I can try out…

But even for non-editing peeps these posts can get you visualizing techniques your team can use for future videos, both in production and post.

ProductionHUB – ProHUB Blog

ProductionHub does a great job at not just talking about what’s going on in production, but actually analyzing and contributing to the conversation. That speaks volumes when there is such an abundance of sub-par content out there across the interwebs.

No Film School

nofilmschoolNo Film School is a fantastic resource for gear and tech reviews, and is stacked with well-known contributors. There are always great interviews with industry pros that give you insight into how experts are solving everyday production challenges. Plus, it’s always nice to take a step back from the day-to-day, corporate production mindset and read about the thing that most videographers are inspired by – film.

Shutterstock Blog

shutterstockShutterstock isn’t just a good resource for stock footage. Their blog includes a library of how-to’s and tips that aren’t just on the technical side of things. Their blog includes a lot of valuable content designed to help you perform more efficiently and successfully as a videographer or company, such as how to find new freelance work.


wipster.pngWipster is actually a tool, but they’ve managed to put together quite the blog. The reason it’s on my list is simple: Wipster talks about the impact video has on brand marketing. Maybe this sounds boring. Maybe I lost you at “marketing.”

But let’s not forget why you’re here, virgins. You’re looking to grow your video production company. And to grow you’re business, you need to be able to sell to clients. And to sell to clients, you’re going to need to understand why they need video in the first place (that’s where the whole marketing thing comes into play).


So there you have it, the top 5 production blogs I use and highly recommend you follow to continue learning everyday.

Do you have a blog that didn’t make the cut? Comment below and let me know.

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