Find Video Clients the Easy Way (Mind=BLOWN)

‘Sup virgins. It’s time to get down to business. After doing some polling on the interwebs, we found that getting work and finding people who actually want to pay you for your video expertise isn’t as easy as some of you thought it was going to be in your college years.

While building up a list of clients is a totally normal challenge of starting a production company, there are ways of finding work that will likely at least get you a call back or a meeting (where you can then sell the shit out of yourself).

The secret? Well, it’s no secret at all. Find the people who are actually looking for help with video. Sounds like common sense, but if it were…well then you wouldn’t be looking for advice on finding video clients, WOULD YA???

I wish I could Russian hack into your laptop webcam right now (in the least creepy way possible) to see the holy shit moment you’re about to have. When my mentor told me this technique it changed my entire outlook on finding clients.

Reach out to companies looking to hire people for an in-house, full-time video position.

Here’s why these clients are easier to score:

  • They are already well aware that they need video (hence why they are looking to hire someone)
  • They are ready to pay for quality video

Think about it – why the hell would you cold call or email companies who have shown you literally zero interest in investing in video when there are companies actively looking to pay someone to come in and tell them what the hell they need to be doing when it comes to video??

giphy (13)

Would a used cars salesman trying to fill up his skeezy lot with more cars send out a promo email to 500 random people who’d never stepped foot onto his dealership to come trade in their cars? Maybe. Maybe he’d get 20 people asking for the details, and 5 people to actually show up. But you can bet your ass if he went on Craigslist and contacted people who were already looking to sell their used cars that he’d have a lot more luck filling that creepoid lot.

Why will they at least consider you as option?

Well, they won’t necessarily consider you unless you point out the obvious reasons why they should hire your production company to help with video. So here’s what you tell them when you reach out:

Their costs will be lower.

Let’s say CompanyX is willing to spend $40k on a salary for a video person. That $40k isn’t just $40k. They’ll have to pay health insurance and taxes. For one single person to work on their brand videos.

Now let’s say they hire your production company with an annual budget of $40k. No healthcare, no taxes to pay for…because you’re not their employee. So all of that $40k goes towards making dope videos. You could make 8 videos at $5k. That’s plenty budget for an arsenal of great video. They simply get more bang for their buck by working with your production company.

They get a team of video experts.

Why spend $40k for one single person to handle all things video (pre-production, shooting, editing, etc.)? Either that video person is going to be absolutely exhausted and overworked, or have to ask for MORE money to hire people to help in the areas they aren’t that efficient in.

With your production company, they will get a dedicated team of experts in video production, that can handle all facets of production without having to spend MORE money to get things done.

This isn’t the end all be all of finding leads.

Obviously, the demand for video jobs ebbs and flows depending on your area and companies. This isn’t the only way to create leads for yourself, it’s just one tactic we’ve found to be successful for us in our parts – and also rarely used by freelancers and production companies we’ve talked to.

There are a lot of other great resources for tactics on finding yourself leads – such as this one from Filmmaking Lifestyle that gives 9 tips to get more video leads and this article from PremiumBeat that has some good points on lead generating resources (like thumbtack, etc.).

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