About VPV

Welcome to ‘Video Production Virgins’ – The Only Blog Created for New Production Companies Who Don’t Know What the Hell They’re Doing

So you started your own production company…now what? Maybe things aren’t panning out exactly how you’d imagined. After all, you spent all that money on great equipment…shouldn’t you be racking up quite the clientele list?

Our sole goal at Video Production Virgins is this: Provide new filmmakers and production companies with all the resources we wish we had in our early days of production.

Which is why we decided to create a blog to help turn all of you video production virgins (or VPV’s as our squad says) into experienced, confident pros.

On our blog, you’ll find posts, videos and guides centered around:

  • Pro tips for running a production company that actually makes money
  • Winning clients and new video biz
  • Budgeting & managing resources
  • Getting more money from clients (huzzah!)
  • Tips and tricks for video production

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