The Best Video Client to Win in 2017

Here’s the best video client you can snag this year, and how to actually win their business. Alright virgins, it’s time to go preppers on this bitch and plan. No no, I’m not talking about Trump destroying the world (political talk is banned here people!). I’m talking about your plan for booking clients this year….

The One Thing You Need to Know About Video Production That Nobody Tells You

You’re not an artist, you’re a business owner. Fact: 93.75% of video production virgins (VPVs) are never told this simple, yet crucial tip. Okay, maybe that’s not a proven statistic, but it’s definitely the most common misconception we see in VPVs young and old. People seem to avoid talking about this. It’s not some huge, top-secret piece…

3 Reasons Being a Video Production Virgin Rules (Yes, they exist…)

  Let’s be real here, being a VPV isn’t glamorous. After all, who wants to admit that their profession isn’t actually earning them a living? But mark my words, being a VPV has it’s benefits. First things first, let’s check if you’re really a virgin before we tell you about the untapped awesomeness of video production virginity….

The Top 5 Video Production Problems of a VPV

Welcome to the VPV club! What’s a VPV you say? It’s what we call a video production virgin – or someone who decided they wanted to start running a video production house without knowing what the hell they’re doing. The VPV is common among 25 – 35 year old males with beards who are against the…